Vanessa Shaw

Certified Stott Pilates Instructor

Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels


Vanessa fell in love with Pilates in 2003 when, equipped with a Pilates book, she started practicing in a field in Jordan, MT.  As a professional farrier, Pilates keeps Vanessa’s back and core strong, preventing overuse injuries. After sustaining an ankle injury and subsequent surgery from running the Leadville 100, a consistent Pilates practice helped get Vanessa running again, and is keeping her running by addressing the imbalances causing the injury in the first place. Ultimately, Pilates keeps her doing what she loves! She started instructor training in 2013 and began teaching soon after. When she moved to Livingston in May 2016, she missed both teaching Pilates and having a Pilates community in her hometown and decided to open her own studio. She is a STOTT  Certified Instructor for matwork, reformer, chair, cadillac, and barrels, and cannot wait to share her passion for Pilates with others. She believes deeply in the power of Pilates to help transform a person physically and to help harness the connection between mind and body. She credits Jamie at Reform Pilates in Bozeman for giving her the courage to teach; Amy and Robin at Bridger Pilates in Bozeman for transforming her Pilates practice and inspiring her to open her own studio; and Gabrielle Cahoon at Studio 48 in Whitefish for being an amazing instructor trainer.


Currently, all of our classes are offered online only.


Livingston Pilates is Livingston’s premier Pilates studio empowering change and enhancing self through mindful movement. We incorporate both matwork and equipment in custom-tailored workouts allowing clients to find tension free starting positions and progress through a series of exercises designed to challenge and enhance their strength and endurance, joint mobility and stability, and proprioception and body awareness for a complete mind and body workout. A nurturing and safe environment as well as a community of well-being are the cornerstones of our practice.