Livingston Pilates and the “New Normal”

Precautions and Updated Studio Policies


*No in-studio group classes until social distancing standards change. (Sorry! The studio is so small, I cannot maintain the required 6 foot distancing for group classes, besides Zoom classes are super fun!)

All sessions (including Zoom) will be 50 minutes.

*Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes for your session.

Virtual sessions via Zoom are available.

*Be kind to yourself and to me. If you are considered “vulnerable” or live with someone considered “vulnerable”, please contact me about virtual sessions via Zoom.

Personal Pilates loops required for everyone using the reformer and cadillac.

*We will be selling them in the studio. (I am hoping these will arrive the first week in June.)

Towel required underneath everyone’s head.

*Please bring a clean hand towel from home.

Clean socks required.

*Please bring a clean pair of socks that you change into at the studio.

Wash hands immediately upon entering the studio.

Masks: Instructors will wear a mask. Clients are encouraged to wear a mask.

All group classes offered via Zoom.

Phase 2: Mandatory mask for anyone traveling outside of the state.

*If you have traveled, or are coming from, out of the state of Montana, please wear a mask in the studio for 14-days after your Montana arrival, or schedule a remote session.